Thank You !

All funds received are used for our projects in India (overheads in Switzerland covered by our president) and all donations are tax deductible.

To continue to continue our mission with the Adivasis, we need you! Here’s how to support the CIAO KIDS Foundation:

Free donation: a sum of your choice that will be sent to where it is most useful.

Sponsor an educational kit: for CHF 15.00 you can give a child an educational kit containing everything he needs to attend school. This kits contain all the material he needs to study in good conditions as well as the annual school registration fees. You thus offer the possibility to a child to be educated and a have a better future.

Sponsor a sewing kit: for CHF 25.00 you can give a sewing kit to a tailoring apprentice, giving her a helping hand to start her career. This kit contains all the essential material for work, such as scissors, needles, pins, a tape measure, etc. and the apprentices can keep it after they have completed the course.

Sponsor a child: for CHF 400.00 a year, you can support a child for an academic year in one of our fostership homes in Hunsur, at school and education level. This sum covers all expenses for food, extracurricular activities, school materials and school registration fees. (form below)

Sponsor a village: for CHF 800.00 a year you can support a women’s self help group, therefore changing the lives of an entire village.

To make a donation:


CIAO KIDS Foundation
Crédit Suisse AG / 8070 ZURICH
IBAN CH49 0483 5146 4719 4100 1
CCP 80-500-4

Sponsoring a child,
an apprentice or a student (CHF 400/year)

Through the sponsorship of a child, a student or an apprentice, you can provide a durable and efficient assistance.

For CHF 400.- per year, which is less than CHF 35.- per month, you can ensure the complete annual educational care for a child.

Thanks to you, he/she will be able:
– To be taken care of in our fostership home in Hunsur (food and lodging, homework support and extra-curricular activities)
– To receive all the school equipment needed (uniforms, school bags, pensil cases, etc.)
– To receive snacks and hot meal daily
– To have access to primary school
– To continue secondary/superior schools
– To be supported during an apprenticeship
– To benefit form a scholarship for their further studies

As a sponsor, you will receive an individual document regarding your Godson/Goddaughter, with his/her photograph and some information about his/her life, his/her family and his/her education. This will allow you to make his/her acquaintance and you can thus, if you wish, send him postcards or emails through our office in Lausanne.